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Order Processing Software for Dropshippers

Take complete control of all of your orders across multiple platforms. Manage your dropshipping inventory, orders, and shipment tracking from one place.

Keep Your Orders Orderly

Connect Orange helps you take full control of your orders with flexibility that is not available in marketplaces and that is easier to work with than spreadsheets. With CO, you can keep your orders organized the way that makes sense for you. Here is how the CO system gives you more control of your orders.

  • View all of your orders in one place from all of your Amazon, eBay, and Magento accounts
  • Create custom order statuses to match your workflow
  • Quickly search orders by order ID, customer name, invoice number, or tracking number
  • Highlight orders that need attention, no matter which status they’re in
  • Keep track of your returns through the built-in RMA features

Streamline Your Dropship Business

Dropshipping can be messy, but we’ll help you get organized. Our system helps Dropshippers automate and streamline their business. Here are just a few of the ways we do that:

  • Show supplier links, costs, discounted gift cards, coupons, and cash back links all on one screen for quick access and speedy order processing.
  • Automatically add tracking numbers from email notifications which get passed through to your marketplace accounts.
  • In-Stock Notifications – Use our notification system to get notified as soon as the item is back in stock so you can process the order.
  • Create VA logins so that your VA’s can login to process your orders. Built-in order “locking” prevents VAs from processing the same orders at the same time.

Dropshipping Features

Connect Orange is already awesome
Check out the below features!

Efficient Order Processing

Easily keep track of your orders through custom order statuses and the ability to flag orders that may have issues or need further action.

Carrier Integration

Generate packing slips from UPS, USPS, or FedEx right from the order process screen. Simply add dimensions and weight to generate a label and then send it to your distributor.

Easy Upload for Inventory Feeds

Upload your inventory sheets from suppliers in just a few clicks. You can save your upload template so that you don’t have to waste time arranging your CSV in a particular way. Just do it once, and you’re done!

Create RMAs

Create RMAs and keep track of them in a neat and tidy interface for all orders across all of the channels you sell on.

Inventory Sync

Keep your inventory in sync between multiple marketplaces so that you never run out of stock and can manage your marketplaces from a master dashboard. Currently we support Amazon, ebay, and Magento!


Get visibility on your entire business including number of orders per status, profits ans sales, top sellers, non-sellers, and more!

Other Features

Connect Orange is already awesome
Check out the below features!

Record All Charges

Easily record all costs and discounts associated with your order. Record cost of the product, taxes, shipping, fees, and as many discounts or other adjustments as you’d like.

Efficient Order Processing

Easily upload supplier information from Skugrid, Dropship Beast, AutoDS, or any other tool to associate supplier links with items in your inventory for even quicker order processing.

Automatic Tracking Numbers

Software automatically retrieves tracking numbers from supplier emails and passes them to Amazon and eBay. Currently works with 15 suppliers and we’re adding more!

Back In Stock Notifications

Mark items which are OOS and receive a notification as soon as the item comes back in stock. Our system checks every 15 minutes so that you can be notified as soon as it is available.

Gift Cards and Coupons

Pre-load your account with gift cards or coupons so that you and your team have everything you need to process orders in one place.

VA Logins

Grant each of your virtual assistants their own login so that you can track which user is doing what and when. You can track items that are added, orders that are processed, tracking information that is added, and more.

Let Us Prove it to You

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“This is hands-down the BEST order processing tool for Amazon and eBay dropshippers. I wish I had a system like this when I got started!”

– Matt H. – Multiple 6-figure Seller on Amazon