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DS Domination was arguably the first good dropshipping course which helped to spawn much of what exists today in the dropshipping / online arbitrage arena. While DSD is long since dead, there are a seemingly endless amount of experts and gurus that have popped up in its place. For this article, we endeavored to locate and log all of the dropshipping courses which are worth mentioning. If you think we missed one, feel free to get in touch, and please leave your comments or feedback in the comments section below!

We have categorized the courses by marketplace such as Amazon, ebay, Shopify, etc.

Please note that a listing here is not necessarily an endorsement of these courses or their authors. Please also note that links may contain affiliate links wherein we would earn a commission if you do decide to purchase a course.

Ecom Success Academy – Shopify

In this course, Adrian Morrison reaches students the A-Zs of setting up, running, and marketing an online dropshipping business using Shopify. The course, which is quite extensive, covers how to dropship from AliExpress and sell on your Shopify store using Facebook ads as the main traffic source. While there is quite a lot to learn, Adrian’s videos are quite thorough walking newbies through every step of the process from account registrations to product selection to app configuration.

Passive Income Decoded – eBay

In this course, Alex VanRoekel teaches his strategies for eBay dropshipping. He opens up his six-figure-a-year ebay business and offers everything that students need including exclusive access to tools, access to his personally trained VAs, and access to his weekly webinars and Facebook group. Alex shows students how to beat competitors prices on the ever-competitive ebay through the use of extreme discounts along with some proprietary strategies.

Legacy Consulting

Headed up by Linda Troutman and Mark Coccio, Legacy Consulting is a more personalized training program that teaches Amazon dropshipping. The trainers all run 7-figure businesses on Amazon doing dropshipping. Support is offered through a Facebook group as well as frequent calls and personalized coaching depending on the package level of the student.



Dropship Sniper



Courses which are no longer available:

DS Domination

Perhaps the first “mainstream” course of its type, DS “Drop Ship” Domination empowered thousands of entrepreneurs with the knowledge they needed to start selling on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify. Ran by Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Junja with Webinars ran by Roger Langille, DS Domination offered several levels of membership:

  • Pro – Basic eBay dropship training
  • Elite – Advanced ebay dropship training
  • Monopoly – Amazon dropship training
  • Genesis – Amazon Private Label training

In addition to these trainings, they offered a handful of other spin offs as well and many of the top earners in this course went on to make other courses as well.

129 Days

After leaving DS Domination behind, Roger Langille taught his own course on ebay dropshipping which he entitled “129 Days” with the goal of getting those who signed up free from their jobs in just 129 days. of ebay selling. The course contained much of the same information as DS Domination’s courses did but with updates and new strategies.

Fast Forward Freedom

While Roger Langille was off teaching 129 Days, he helped a friend and student of his, Carl Taylor, launch Fast Forward Freedom which was essentially an updated version of DS Domination’s Monopoly course.


Not long after 129 Days was completed, Roger Langille launched another online training course called Prazon which taught students how to research and find private label products to sell on Amazon. The course walked students through from searching Amazon for products all the way through to pricing the items through trusted Chinese contacts who could deliver the products. Roger even went so far as to vet the research of the students to make sure they had done it well before passing it back to them with his stamp of approval for purchasing. Later, Roger would even offer items which he and his team had already researched and sourced for sale to students who wanted a completely done-for-you approach.